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1. Strictly applying legal norms, the following rules are enforced:
  • Children under the age of 10 ARE NOT ALLOWED on MEGAPIPE, TWISTER, KAMIKAZE and SPACE BOWL.
  • Children under the age of 8 and /or under the height of 140 cm ARE NOT ALLOWED on SIDE WINDER.
  • Children under the age of 6 and / or under the height of 120 cm ARE NOT ALLOWED on SUPER CRATER, MULTISLIDE, RIVER RIDE,   TURBOSLIDE, BLACK HOLE.
  • In the WATER PLAYGROUND and BABY POOL areas children must accompanied by a grown-up and have their bathing suits / pampers on.
  • Swimming  in the Lazy River IS NOT ALLOWED. You may stay in the water if you only have a ring-shaped life-buoy.
  • IS NOT ALLOWED the access on the slide with: watches, glasses, necklace, bracelet or other jewelry, etc.
  • Diving in the water IS NOT ALLOWED!
  • Running within the park IS NOT ALLOWED!

2. Children under 12 years of age have to be accompanied and supervised by an adult for the entire period staying within the park.
3. Smoking IS NOT ALLOWED in the special areas for children.
4. Tourists should wear their bathing swimsuits. Topless IS NOT ALLOWED.
5. People who are ill having contagious/infectious/catching diseases are not allowed within the park area.
6. You are not allowed to carry food, drink or any other accesories for the beach within the park area.
7. Pets are not allowed within the park area.
8. Tourists who are not able to swim should use the rafting equipment.
9. We are not responsable for your possessions (money, jewels, identity card, cards, etc.) that might be stolen; you have to use the safe deposit boxes for depositing your valuable things.
10. You must have your shoes/slippers/sandals on, when entering the dressing room, shower and bathroom area.
11. We use special quality treatment for the water to be clean. You are advised to have a shower before entering the water.
12. Any person under the alchool influence or any other ilegal substance or bad tempered will be escorted outside the park area.
13. If weather conditions are not favourable for the tourists safety, the managers have the liberty of taking the decision to shut the park, thus avoiding any unpleasant situation.
14. If weather conditions change after you alredy entered the park, you are not to get a refund.
15. Any person higher than 150 cm has to pay the standard price.
16. Tourists are obliged to respect the lifeguards instructions.
17. We kindly ask you to keep everything clean. There are special places for the garbage.
18. Pregnant woman, visibly agitated children,people whith fear of heights, impaired people, cardiac or spine affections people are NOT ALLOWED on the slides.


AQUA MAGIC reserves its right to select customers!
The managers have the liberty to take special measures in case there are people who disturb the good functioning and the other people's peace.
The fact that you pay for entering the park includes the responsability of respecting the above regulations.