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We organize the most beautiful anniversaries, parties and events!
Water and the sun will bring you good mood!
Maximum relaxation!
We're having fun at Magic Karaoke!
Best anti-stress remedies!
Shows for children!
A refreshing escape!

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  • Cafes and Restaurants

    Profile of restaurants in our park was chosen without hesitation customers wishing to serve traditional dishes as served their grandparents home . Our restaurants offer you the most delicious dishes accompanied by quality at the lowest prices. All this is served in a colorful décor , modern rhythms cheerful atmosphere .

  • Aquatic Bar

    Bar combines cool water pool with delicious drinks . You can sit on one of the chairs below the pool water and the feeling is unique and relaxing . Our bar offers soft drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails , assorted music and good vibes .

  • Aqua Magic Shop

    In our store you can find amazing swimsuits for all tastes and sizes. In the shop you will find various swimsuit , trendy or classic at incredibly low prices. Our shop is unique and a special place in the park

  • Underwater Art Gallery Aqua Magic is Wild Art!

    The exhibition consists of 40 wet satirical graphic works . The works were exhibited on other occasions and awarded over time .But this time were renewed by the unique way of exposure, meaning double fun for viewers . Aqua Magic amusement park by supporting and hosting Art Gallery Underwater Aqua Magic - Wild Art , broke barriers imposed a normal Mamaia , raising standards for both tourism and culture.

  • Cartoonists of everywhere at Aqua Magic Mamaia

    Aqua Magic Mamaia in collaboration with Wild Art Constanta will try to support and promote the artists and cultural institutions of Constanta , especially museums and cultural sites that do not receive the visibility they deserve among tourists in Mamaia

  • Magic Photo

    Mamaia Aqua Magic Park offers thousands of times and as many subjects that an artist can print a photo inspired. Any young artist has the opportunity to take photos in Aqua Magic and of course to win a prize. Underwater Gallery of Art Aqua Magic is Wild Art offered since the opening a decanonizare  form of art, primarily through exposure mode, highlighting the cultural values Constanta. This invitation to the young artists passionate about art than inaccessibility idea for this has much to do with our lives as normal, natural.

  • Body Painting

    Although contemporary artists imagination transformed body painting art in a spectacular and expressive art,  it is one of the oldest forms of art with roots removed, a manifestation of the human spirit. This time we use the body painting performance art that looks to attract us to the Underwater Gallery of Art and to showcase young artists attended the event. We are pleased to host and promote paintings on canvas and artists who live with their talent turns the human body into works of art and beauty together with the human art.

  • In winter you are reading stories and in the summer you are living stories!

    The launch of a line of school supplies was a surprise and children can take with them to school holidays through supplies crazy, colorful, beautifully drawn. Aqua Magic created especially for kids crazy supplies, notebook and lined, beautifully drawn, colored pencils, rulers and pencils cases with cartoon characters and magic bags. Crazy school supplies can be found in bookstores Aqua Magic and Constanta, at affordable prices for parents and grandparents.

  • Unique exhibit vintage swimsuit

    Fashion is a habit, a skill, specified in a social environment or a place as Magic Aqua Park. Here you can not enter without swimwear. Swimsuit became a star at the celebration of 108 years of existence Mamaia resort. Swimsuit proved that he had resisted all over the time.
    Magic Aqua Park once again combines past with the present, putting the old in new, recreating a historical fact, the former tourism, sea, beach, architecture, swimsuits at everything today has become the new normal or trend.

Aqua Magic Mamaia
Street: Mamaia Nr. 334, Statiunea Mamaia
Phone:     (0241) 831 183  (0241) 831 176
Fax:         (0241) 831 101